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Meta-Culture is no ordinary organization

We are South Asia's first organization dedicated to making relationships more effective. We are experienced facilitators, with the professional skills and experience to understand and address the complexities of difficult relationships. That's what we do - improve relationships. It's our business to break impasses, address conflict, and facilitate decision-making.

Meta-Culture takes pride in a very lively and unique work culture, intellectual rigor, creativity, and high standards of professionalism and quality. Our work is extraordinarily challenging. For the right people, it is also extremely fulfilling.


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    What is the Return on Investment of training programs in dispute communication and collaborative negotiation?
    A 2-day course can at best be an introduction. What "sticks" with participants after the training depends on how they use what they've learned over time, and the support they get from their environment to do so.
    For this reason, and because changes in communication and negotiation skills are difficult to measure quantitatively, determining the ROI for our training programs is complex. It's possible, but requires rigorous follow-through with the same participants over time.
    We're happy to do it if you're ready to invest in it.
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Really intractable issues require that we stretch ourselves into discomfort. The brilliant live strange lives, where virtues are stretched, protocols are meaningless and entitlements are stood on their head. Excellence and Reasonableness rarely go together. Most of us however, easily mistake weird behavior for brilliance.