mentoring & coaching

Excellence and high performance are not to be taken for granted.

mentoring & coaching

The world's greatest athletes rely on their coaches' help to maximize their potential. And yet, without any support whatsoever, many senior managers and officials are expected to "know it all."

Working with a coach or mentor is a sign of professionalism, maturity, and ambition. It requires commitment to a one-on-one relationship, either with a short-term coach or a long-term mentor, which is focused on career and personal development. Through powerful discussions with a coach or mentor, clients learn to optimize their existing strengths and improve areas of critical need.

Meta-Culture's coaches and mentors offer individualized programs that help clients achieve clarity of purpose and maximize their potential as managers and leaders.

  • FAQs
    I'm concerned that if I ask my management to sponsor coaching sessions, they'll think it's because I'm incompetent.
    Coaching is not the same as a performance improvement plan for struggling employees. The purpose of coaching is to enhance the skills of senior managers and organizational leaders whose professional learning and developmental needs cannot be met through regular training programs. Those best served by coaching are experienced professionals who want to maximize their potential by focusing on areas of critical need.
    The Meta‑Culture coaching process also honors confidentiality. In certain circumstances, and with the individual client's consent, Meta‑Culture will report to the client's supervisor information about his/her progress. But specific and sensitive details about the client's needs, challenges, program, and progress remain confidential.
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Learning requires us to pitch out the comfort and complacency of our own knowledge and understanding. True learning is a recognition that there is no such thing as a fully formed self. Those who worry that their identities might be threatened by the possibility of true learning are possibly right!