Relationships are what make the world go round. Yet most relationships are frustrating experiences that get in the way of the "real work."


Meta-Culture's internationally respected speakers demystify the complex factors that make relationships tick (or not).

Integrating provocative stories and practical tips from our experience doing work in critical thinking, relationship management, and conflict resolution, we translate powerful ideas into actionable messages that leave audiences inspired and energized.

But unlike many experts, we're not pedantic, obscure, or boring. We engage and entertain our audiences, speaking their language and addressing their issues. We speak on the critical issues of today, including:

  • Managing Conflict in the World's Largest Democracy
  • Managing Company-Community Disputes at Home and Abroad
  • Mediating Inter-religious Conflict in India
  • Mediating Between Minority Rights and Majority Fears
  • Working with a Multi-cultural Workforce in the Age of Anxiety
  • Critical Thinking as the most disruptive technology known to mankind
  • Shattering the myths about Creativity

And we deliver the unvarnished truth, dispeling misconceptions and creating aha! moments. In post-talk interactions with audience members, we often hear: I didn't realize that... it never occurred to me!
Or You told my team exactly what I should have - I just never had the guts to say it! or just plain Wow!
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Platitudes and "feel good" statements make us believe that things will turn out okay if only we are sincere, hard working, and "good" to each other. But these platitudes hide an unpleasant reality, which is far more complex and not amenable to wishful thinking. The complex problems of our age require clear thinking, creativity, and a willingness to face up to unpalatable truths about ourselves and the world.