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Very often people problems do not surface as conflict. They show up in decreased collaboration, increased internal competition, sulking, irrational challenging of authority, etc.

Organizational Audits

These have tangible costs: low productivity, decreased employee motivation, and high workforce turnover. These costs make organizational goals difficult to achieve.

Meta-Culture's customized organizational management systems help to anticipate and effectively manage conflict, as well as improve communication and collaboration. We first understand your organization's culture, workplace relationships, and ways of dealing with disputes. We then work with you to implement an effective system that employees can and will actually use.

What are the systems we design?

  • Integrated Dispute Management Systems (IDMS): An IDMS enables organizations to identify and address conflicts early on, before they escalate beyond the point of effective intervention. It provides a range of non-escalatory and non-punitive mechanisms to constructively manage the harmful effects of workplace conflict. (Not ready for a full-fledged IDMS? We'll be happy to help your organization improve the effectiveness of its existing grievance mechanisms.)
  • Feedback Systems: Rather than generate fear, anxiety, and resentment, a good feeback process is seen as an opportunity for learning and improvement. Meta‑Culture implements good processes to help managers give critical feedback effectively and to ensure that employees receive feedback in a structured manner.
  • Communication and Collaboration Policies: Meta‑Culture helps organizations institute simple, yet effective policies to improve internal communication and promote enhanced collaboration between individuals, teams, and departments. These policies ensure a rational and effective flow of internal information; sensitive and effective use of communication technology; and incentives for internal collaboration.
  • FAQs
    We already have a grievance mechanism. Why do we need a new one?
    Conventional grievance mechanisms tend to be escalatory, investigative, limited in the types of disputes they can address, and slow to produce results. In addition to being ineffective, they often create a blame situation where one or more employees end up feeling defensive and disempowered.
    Meta-Culture's organizational dispute management systems empower employees to take responsibility for their disputes and equip them with dispute resolution skills. In preserving and even strengthening relationships between co-workers, managers, and subordinates, the systems we design save organizations time, money, and resources unlike in conventional grievance systems and litigation.
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In this information age, we'd like to believe that workplace disputes can be resolved with the right facts, statistics or data.
Unfortunately, human beings use data very selectively- like the old joke, "if you torture statistics hard enough they will tell you anything". Disputes are not just about facts, they are also about the human beings who are attached to these facts, requiring dispute resolution to be a sophisticated process that works with, both information and the human dimension.