strategic relationship scaffolding

New ventures and partnerships always begin with a honeymoon period. But honeymoons can quickly become a nightmare.

strategic relationship scaffolding

Mergers and acquisitions, venture capitalist investments, public-private partnerships, or a new CEO or client relationship: all these run the risk of deteriorating because of interpersonal differences, clashes of personality, culture and management styles. If not addressed, these tensions escalate, threatening the bottom-line and sometimes the company's very existence.

These problems are specific to new ventures and partnerships because:

  • Terms for the emerging partnerships may not be well defined.
  • Decision making protocols, management structures and organizational culture are taken for granted.
  • Each partner is invested in their own vision and operating style resulting in power struggles that render decision-making difficult.
  • New norms and standards are not made transparent to employees, who fear the change and its implications for them.

Meta-Culture's services in Strategic Relationship Scaffolding structure new partnerships before they run into trouble.

We help key stakeholders in an emerging partnership to:

  • Talk about expectations, concerns, and pre-existing tensions.
  • Explore needs and interests.
  • Build consensus on vision, mission, management structure, and organizational culture.
  • Design and implement systems to align expectation and address differences.
  • FAQs
    Why would the start-up I'm investing in need conflict management when it's so new?
    Start-up companies require support at the outset to establish mechanisms for managing tensions and disputes that will crop up later.
    Companies that attract venture capital funding are often faced with relationship management problems. These problems are particular to VC-funded companies because:
    • They are usually start-ups where the organizational structure and culture is not well established.
    • The founders often have dominant and dynamic personalities that clash with members of the Board or Senior Management.
    Why put your investment at risk? Get the start-up you've invested in to start thinking today about how to manage conflict tomorrow.
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Weddings and honeymoons do not make a marriage. If as much thoughtful planning went into the actual marriage as does the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon, divorce rates would be considerably lower. We are eager to pay for the dinner, dress, and dance lessons, but overlook the investment in getting the marriage on the right track. It's the same way with new ventures and partnerships. All the effort goes into the product and getting the business going, while very little is dedicated to laying a strong foundation for the relationships that will make or break the venture in the long run.