Organizational Audits

Shortcuts save time and help us cut to the chase (or cheese). But a system that relies exclusively on short cuts can lose sight of its own vision, goals and ethos.

Organizational Audits

Audits provide a reminder of the larger vision and goals. Audits are sophisticated tools that help organizations identify strengths and vulnerabilities in one or more key areas: Communication, Relationships, Conflict, and Innovation. They provide a holistic picture of the organization's current functioning and how to strengthen it.

Organizations typically call on us to examine the health of relationships and the quality of internal and external communication. Using surveys, individual interviews, and focus groups, we do an in-depth diagnostic that identifies gaps in the way people and teams work.

Our audits locate problems in current functioning, pinpoint their causes, evaluate the impacts of policies and systems, and spotlight areas for improvement. The organization can then make an informed decision about how to improve efficiency and productivity.

Most important, we don't just provide reports that get filed away. Our consultants roll up their sleeves and work with your teams to implement new processes that work!

  • FAQs
    Why do I need an external agency to do an organizational audit? Our HR department is responsible for assessing organizational needs.
    It is difficult for an organization to get an accurate assessment of it's own internal communication and relationship challenges. Not only are senior managers and HR staff themselves steeped in the organizational dynamics, it is unlikely that employees will be candid with them about their real perspectives and concerns.
    As an objective outsider, an external consultant is perceived as "safe" and can therefore probe more deeply into employees' real opinions on sensitive issues. Using skillful inquiry and objective analysis, Meta‑Culture consultants provide organizations with a real picture of the organizational health, and often identify areas requiring attention that HR is unable to pick up.
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Every organization needs to periodically take a good look at itself. How are we doing? What is working for us? What isn't? What now?
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