Facilitated Meetings


"What a waste of time! The same loud voices, the same cyclical discussion... we hardly accomplished anything!"

Meetings fail because there are no clear rules and no one sticks to the central issues. In other words, there is no good process.

An experienced facilitator can make all the difference.

Meta‑Culture supports groups and organizations in having focused, productive, and results-oriented meetings. We design agendas that work, and facilitate meetings so that each person's voice is heard, the discussion is meaningful and productive, and the group can move past road blocks to arrive at fair outcomes.

Facilitated Meetings

Facilitated Dialogue


"I'm open to dialogue and we do so much of it. But somehow, nothing works. We're always back to square one."

Most conversations are not Dialogue. They are two or more simultaneous monologues, with neither party willing to listen or understand the other. The intent is to convince, persuade, and prove the other party wrong.

With no common agenda, a poor process, and no one to facilitate when things get rough, difficult conversations quickly stall or deteriorate.

Good facilitators help people have good conversations.

Dialogue Facilitation is a Meta‑Culture core competency. We use the term Dialogue in a very deliberate and specific way. Through Dialogue, we help people who don't see eye-to-eye engage in focused and respectful conversations.

Our professional facilitators know how to move the conversation forward, laying down clear guidelines for discussion, cutting through unproductive diversionary tactics, and helping groups reach a greater understanding of the problem and themselves. We help groups generate fresh ideas and find creative possibilities to drive breakthrough outcomes.

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    What's the big deal about meeting facilitation? We know how to run meetings. Why pay for someone to help us talk?
    Rarely do writers and artists have meetings! But in an organization - where there is a convergence of minds, experiences, and skills - meetings are a must. It is in a meeting that ideas are generated, plans formulated, deals made, and relationships strengthened. Sometimes the very fortunes of families, corporations, or even nations are at stake!
    A meeting that yields unwise decisions or frayed relationships can continue to haunt you long after you've forgotten about the bad coffee.
    When the stakes are high, a lot depends on a good meeting. Can you afford not to have it professionally designed and managed?
    What precisely will the Dialogue process address?
    Dialogue is an unusual opportunity to talk about things that matter to you, to be heard, and to hear others. Dialogue encourages individuals in a group to get real - to talk about key differences at the level of personal experience, and about how these differences contribute to misunderstanding, lack of cooperation, tension, and anger.
    What are the tangible benefits that we'll get from the Dialogue process?
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True learning is a leap into uncertainty. If you already know where you will emerge and in what condition, you won't learn anything really useful. At the heart of true learning is the possibility of falling deeper into the unknown. We cannot cling to our existing perceptions or knowledge. To gain a lot you have to lose something, or even a lot. This is what scares most people.