Are these disputes familiar to your organization?

Inter-personal disputes, inter-departmental disputes, disputes related to appraisal or feedback, disputes related to vision misalignments, disputes with vendor, supplier, and consultant relationships, disputes between labor and management, disputes between board members or partners.

What are these disputes costing you - in morale, attrition, productivity, your bottom line? Do you see litigation or arbitration as the only way forward? Or are you hoping the problem will somehow sort itself out?


Meta‑Culture helps organizations manage differences with sensitivity and skill. We have the knowledge and experience to understand your cultural context and help your teams and managers find better ways of arriving at mutually agreeable solutions.

If the conflict is external - with vendors, suppliers, customers, government agencies, labor unions, or host communities - we help strengthen relationships between your company and other stakeholders. We also offer customized consulting and education services that improve work cultures, systems, and relationships.

Meta‑Culture works with your organization until you see and feel the change. Our expertise ranges from commercial and contractual disputes to those rooted in cross-functional and cross-cultural differences. Our consultants are particularly experienced in politically charged disputes involving multiple parties with competing interests.

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    We don't have the time or money for this. Why should we spend either on hiring you?
    Yes, conflict intervention requires an investment of time and money. But before deciding that it's not worth it, ask yourself:
    • How much time (and energy) do you spend trying to avoid conflict - you know, pretending there's no problem?
    • What if you calculated all that time in terms of money? How much would it be?
    • What about the other costs your company is incurring because of conflict - missed opportunities, productivity loss, attrition?
    • How much time and money could you save if you put this conflict behind you?
    You should now have an idea of the real costs of conflict to your company. So while you do have to pay us, we guarantee that our intervention is far less costly than your conflict.
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Mediocre managers make ordinary mistakes, such as missing deadlines, making incorrect revenue forecasts, misjudging market needs, or hiring the wrong person. Terrible managers make big scary mistakes that drive a company into the ground. Great leaders, on the other hand, make creative and original mistakes. What sets these mistakes apart is that they come from intelligent risk taking and leaps of imagination. These "mistakes" provide opportunities for profound learning and growth! Great organizations routinely create such opportunities for learning.