Statement of Independence, Impartiality and Confidentiality

Statement of Independence, Impartiality and Confidentiality

Meta-Culture is a secular, non-profit organization. We are not affiliated to any political party, religious denomination, or special interest group, and we strive to be independent and impartial. In addition, we uphold the need for non-violence, non-adversarial discourse, collaboration, critical thinking, justice, and environmental stewardship. As trained Mediators and Facilitators, we make it a priority to establish and maintain credibility with the individuals and groups with which we work.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Welcome as wide a range of perspectives as possible in the processes we facilitate.
  • Encourage participants to take ownership of the issues discussed and decisions made.
  • Focus on providing effective process and remain agnostic on the content and substance of issues discussed.
  • Consider everyone with whom we work to be clients or participants, regardless of their financial contribution, power, identity, beliefs, or opinions.
  • Make clear to all participants that neither financial contributions nor exercise of power will induce Meta‑Culture facilitators to promote personal viewpoints or influence process outcomes.
  • Recognize that any participant or client may excuse themselves from our processes if they perceive that a Meta‑Culture facilitator or mediator's neutrality is compromised in any way.
  • Encourage the greatest disclosure of information necessary for finding solutions, while respecting that participants may choose to place constraints on what they make public.

We strive to build our client relationships on mutual trust and integrity. Towards that end, all discussions (formal and informal), proposals, diagnostics, and assessments remain confidential, unless explicit permission is given to disclose them for the purposes of furthering the process. Where necessary, Meta‑Culture will present information gathered to participating parties in a general and non-attributed format so as to identify key patterns, trends, and areas of tension or improvement. We do so without disclosing sources or information that could be used to identify any individual.

  • FAQs
    How can Meta-Culture not take a stand on critical issues? Is it really possible to be neutral?
    Meta-Culture does take a firm stand and is passionate about designing and providing effective processes. However, we are not committed to the outcomes that might result from that process, which is best left to the clients and participants to achieve. This, more than anything else, helps us to be 'neutral'.
    While it is impossible for human beings to exist without opinions, as facilitators our primary commitment is to help groups engage in constructive conversations and decision-making. It is therefore essential to the integrity of our practice that we show no favoritism to people, issues, or outcomes. Some would call our stance omnipartial. That is, we are partial to all parties who are at the table.
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Everyone loves words like transparency, integrity, justice, and equality. If we could achieve these ideals just by saying them over and over again, the world would be a very different place. While easy enough to say, these notions are complex and require genuine exploration and deep understanding. Most of us don't take the time to do so.